Wrapped Mouldings

Sample of veneer wrapped moulding top view

The smoothest moulding solution

Beautifully made, wrapped veneer mouldings offer you countless veneer options and give you a freedom of design that lets you take any idea to the next level.  The wrapped mouldings can be used in any interior space, and require only a light sand before fit and finish. It’s the beauty of solid wood - easier and faster than ever. 

"Merenda understood from the outset the complexity of the London Dock residential project, particularly the knowledge of the intricacies of using dyed wood veneer, matching and laying grain”
Stan Bond
Director, Principal Doorsets

Match veneers across the project

Surface gives you access to an endless array of veneers. We specialise in Tabu and Alpi dyed veneers, as well as standard cabinet woods and exotic timber. You can achieve complete specification accuracy across all the veneered components in your project.

Designed to help you get the most out of your moulding

Veneer wrapped around a substrate gives you the full solid look in the most stable platform. Easy corner joints, less after care, less rejected components compared to solid wood can save you up to 30% on material wastage and labour costs.
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Less stress, less risk

Managing the sourcing and manufacture of all your components can be complex and time consuming. At Surface, we source the right veneers and manufacture the components for you, on time and on budget.

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