Veneer Layons

Gives you the look and feel of solid wood with the stability of manufactured substrate
Get exactly the piece you want, customise the species, sizes and design to your requirements 
Layons arrive ready to press with minimal surface prep before finish
Optional Fleece backing makes complex designs stable

Simplicity from start to whatever finish you choose 

When you order a layon from Surface, we make it easy to get exactly what you want. From desk fronts and boardroom tables to doors and large wall panels, the only limit is your creativity.
Our layons are made to your precise specifications. We offer you a wide choice of veneer options and the freedom to design what would traditionally be accomplished only through complex joinery.

Veneer layon on Door

We make very few like this

Looks Amazing
Customised veneer layon with multiple components.

Look closely. Those are 13 different components in this unique layon. We created a complex geometric design and backed it with a fleece layer before sticking it to an MDF board.

It's an example of how Surface can customise layons to the precise demands of specialist joiners. If you want dyed veneers, we have them. There are options for different patterns, some copy standard joinery, others throw out the rule book entirely.

We wanted to make sure our layon was sufficiently robust. We didn't treat it very nicely. We hung it above radiators, in direct sunlight, left it outside. We banged the surface, scuffed the finish.

Bespoke layon by Merenda Surface

Consistently remarkable

Here it is hanging in a gallery. No gaps. No warping.

We make very few like this because everybody wants something different. Not everybody wants the same standard interiors. Not everybody wants the same veneers or patterns. Our level of customisation gets you the surface you are looking for. To the exact degree.

Our CNC manufacturing methods allow us to create designs where all the components perfectly match. Our designers will analyse your design to see how to to best utilise your veneer for maximum stability and minimum waste. 

Drop us a line and see how we can make a layon to match your spec.

Carefully Crafted Template

Better together. Our layons are designed to work seamlessly with other surface products. If you’re looking for the perfect match across your interior, we can even supply you with veneer from the same tree. 

Bespoke veneer product range

We come recommended

“Merenda understood from the outset the complexity of the London Dock residential project, particularly the knowledge of the intricacies of using dyed wood veneer, matching and laying grain.”
Stan Bond
Director, Principal Doorsets
"Our partnership with Merenda gave us  top quality veneer components on budget and on time."
Ellis Christian
Workshop Manager, Beck Interiors
“Merenda worked closely with our Design Manager to come up with the best quality product at the right cost which provided the solution to meet the unusual design specification on the Thanet House Project”
Seamus McMullen
Purchasing Manager, Specialist Joinery

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